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About Me

How does a fundamental understanding of materials from a Statistical Thermodynamics perspective result in more refined application and engineering strategies?

How does one streamline the steps from posing a scientific problem to the eventual communication of research outcomes to a technical and non-specialised audience?

I’m Saswati, a statistical physicist with a PhD and 6+ years of post-PhD research experience in theoretical materials simulations and mathematical modelling.

In our hyper-connected world of emerging technologies with inadvertent disruptive influences, scientific innovation should be entwined with an unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. I believe that contributions to the global knowledge ecosystem in the form of credible scientific information, grounded in the principles of open research and pursued through cooperation rather than competition, can catalyse progress towards a diverse, equitable, and inclusive society.

Every big or small scientific breakthrough begins with a question, often in ephemeral form as just a spark of curiosity. Once articulated, it requires the time and resource-intensive steps of exploration. This state is where the true alchemy of scientific progress unfolds. Within academia, the journey culminates in sharing new insights with the world. This phase is marked by a delicate interplay between acceptance and refutation, where every critique serves as a stepping stone towards greater understanding.

I started as a physical chemist, developed tailored Molecular Dynamics and Mote Carlo algorithms to simulate complex phenomenology observed in solids ranging from metallic alloys to soft condensed materials. I reframed hydrodynamic theories based on rigorous mathematical concepts to derive continuum mechanics for defect-rich crystals.

My research on materials with crystalline order offered me the unique opportunity to cooperate with scientists across three continents and manage six complex scientific projects investigating fundamental questions on elasticity, entropy and geometry or ordered solids.

I am exploring new avenues to employ my experience and skills. Currently, I am a resident of Germany and I am exploring new opportunities in Europe.

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